Our Experience

Natural Stone work

Our experience in selecting the correct stone for the job, detailing and fixing methods come from many years in the trade and a team of experts working methodically and with great diligence and professionalism within all sectors, from small repair jobs to large build contracts.

Scottish Lime Centre

G Brown Stonemason have worked for many years in conjunction with The Scottish Lime Centre, acquiring the knowledge and learning the traditional skills required, which allow us to work confidently within the realms of conservation, creation, repair and maintenance of historic buildings and properties of architectural note.

Tower House restoration

An area of special expertise, and one in which G Brown Stonemason has a vast working knowledge, is that of Tower House Restoration.

Restoration, by it’s very nature can be complex and is usually an intricate and comparatively slow process. Our masons however offer unhindered attention to detail, consulting with historians and specialist architects to ensure each completed project reflects the building’s original heritage.

Historic Castle restoration

Nowhere is the stonemason’s work more apparent than at historic visitor attractions and ancient castles.

We are extremely fortunate in this country to have a fabulous and traceable history; a lot of this to be found within our historical castles.

Time and traffic however causes damage and erosion and it is our job at G Brown Stonemason to restore our national treasures to their former glory.

Following strict guidelines, our team can identify issues and work to resolve the problems, maintaining our heritage for generations to come.